Depleted Zinc Isotopes

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Depleted Zinc Acetate Dihydrate


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Molecular Weight219.5
Melting point327 deg celsius
Grade standard Technical
Pack TypePackets

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Depleted Zinc Acetate Dihydrate.

ElementSymbolImpurity Limits
AluminumAl< 50 ppm
AntinomySb< 10 ppm
ArsenicAs< 10 ppm
BariumBa< 10 ppm
BismuthBi< 10 ppm
BoronB< 10 ppm
BromineBr< 10 ppm
CadmiumCd< 10 ppm
CalciumCa< 10 ppm
ChlorineCl< 20 ppm
ChromiumCr< 10 ppm
CobaltCo< 10 ppm
CopperCu< 10 ppm
FluorineF< 20 ppm
HafniumHf< 10 ppm
IndiumIn< 10 ppm
IodineI< 10 ppm
IronFe< 10 ppm
LeadPb< 10 ppm
LithiumLi< 10 ppm
MagnesiumMg< 10 ppm
ManganeseMn< 10 ppm
MolybdenumMo< 10 ppm
NickelNi< 10 ppm
PhosphorousP< 10 ppm
PotassiumK< 10 ppm
SeleniumSe< 10 ppm
SiliconSi< 50 ppm
SilverAg< 10 ppm
SodiumNa< 10 ppm
StrontiumSr< 10 ppm

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