Deluxe Industrial Gases

Deluxe Industrial Gases

Deluxe Industrial Gases

Nanded, Pune, Maharashtra


Industrial Supplies

Procured from eminent manufacturers and retailers, our premium quality products comprise of Cylinders and Gases, Cryocans, Cylinder trolleys, Gas regulators, Portable gas canisters, Gas handling equipment, Gas monitoring systems and UHP grade specialty gases. All the products supplied by us find applications in various industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, steel, food, waste water treatment, cement, etc. All our products are very simple to operate and can be installed easily. Further, each product is inspected at our premises to ensure flawlessness as well as can be availed at most competitive prices by our clients in major Indian markets. The complete gamut of products offered by us include:


Beryllium IsotopesGet Quotation

Beryllium Isotopes

Calcium IsotopesGet Quotation

Calcium Isotopes

Cobolt IsotopesGet Quotation

Cobolt Isotopes

Copper IsotopesGet Quotation

Copper Isotopes

Arsenic IsotopesGet Quotation

Arsenic Isotopes

Components for Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems

Building Room Fire Protection

Single Row ManifoldGet Quotation

Single Row Manifold

Double Row ManifoldGet Quotation

Double Row Manifold

Speciality and Medical Gases

Electronics GasGet Quotation

Electronics Gas

Lecture BottlesGet Quotation

Lecture Bottles

Argon GasGet Quotation

Argon Gas

Hydrocarbons GasesGet Quotation

Hydrocarbons Gases

Industrial GasesGet Quotation

Industrial Gases

Clean Agent Fire Suppression

Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

Mass Flow MeterGet Quotation

Mass Flow Meter

Mass Flow MetersGet Quotation

Mass Flow Meters

Liquid Nitrogen Container

Cryo GlovesGet Quotation

Cryo Gloves

Industrial Gases And Cylinders

Pure Ethylene GasGet Quotation

Pure Ethylene Gas

Industrial GasesGet Quotation

Industrial Gases

Helium IsotopesGet Quotation

Helium Isotopes

Pipe Fittings

Manifold ValvesGet Quotation

Manifold Valves

Non Return ValveGet Quotation

Non Return Valve

Condensate PotsGet Quotation

Condensate Pots

Female Ball ValvesGet Quotation

Female Ball Valves

Air HeaderGet Quotation

Air Header

UHP Grade Speciality Gases

Lighting GasesGet Quotation

Lighting Gases

Toxic GasesGet Quotation

Toxic Gases

Refrigeration Gases


Bismuth IsotopesGet Quotation

Bismuth Isotopes

Cesium IsotopesGet Quotation

Cesium Isotopes

Terbium (Tb)Get Quotation

Terbium (Tb)

Lutetium IsotopesGet Quotation

Lutetium Isotopes

Ytterbium IsotopesGet Quotation

Ytterbium Isotopes

Gas Handling Equipment

Gas Mixing SystemsGet Quotation

Gas Mixing Systems

Gas Changeover ModuleGet Quotation

Gas Changeover Module

Stable Isotopes

DIG Boron IsotopesGet Quotation

DIG Boron Isotopes

DIG Carbon IsotopesGet Quotation

DIG Carbon Isotopes

Chlorine IsotopesGet Quotation

Chlorine Isotopes

Argon IsotopesGet Quotation

Argon Isotopes

Helium IsotopeGet Quotation

Helium Isotope

Cryogenic Refrigerators, Dewars and Freezers

Gas Purification And Control System

OxytrapGet Quotation


Inline Micron FilterGet Quotation

Inline Micron Filter

Industrial Products

Biological ContainerGet Quotation

Biological Container

Manifold SystemsGet Quotation

Manifold Systems

Sulfur DioxideGet Quotation

Sulfur Dioxide

Fume BlowerGet Quotation

Fume Blower

Rotameter And Flowmeter

Low Flow RotameterGet Quotation

Low Flow Rotameter

RotameterGet Quotation


Glass Tube RotameterGet Quotation

Glass Tube Rotameter

Bypass RotameterGet Quotation

Bypass Rotameter

Co2 Supression system

NOVEC SystemGet Quotation

NOVEC System

ArgoniteGet Quotation


Cylinder Gases

Dura CylinderGet Quotation

Dura Cylinder

Aluminium cyilenderGet Quotation

Aluminium cyilender

Deuterated AmmoniaGet Quotation

Deuterated Ammonia

Oxygen GasGet Quotation

Oxygen Gas

Gas Leak Detectors

Cylinder Trolleys

LPG TrolleyGet Quotation

LPG Trolley

Drum TrolleyGet Quotation

Drum Trolley

Gas Cylinder CabinetsGet Quotation

Gas Cylinder Cabinets

Safety Products

Depleted Zinc Isotopes

AAS Accessories

Cylinder RegulatorGet Quotation

Cylinder Regulator

Air Moisture FilterGet Quotation

Air Moisture Filter

Isotope Targets

Gas Regulators

Gas Selector BoxGet Quotation

Gas Selector Box

Helium Gas RegulatorGet Quotation

Helium Gas Regulator

Gas Generator

Pressure Controllers

GC Columns And Consumables

Vial AccessoriesGet Quotation

Vial Accessories

GC Capillary ColumnsGet Quotation

GC Capillary Columns

GC Packed ColumnsGet Quotation

GC Packed Columns

LC Consuambles VialGet Quotation

LC Consuambles Vial

LC Consumable VialGet Quotation

LC Consumable Vial


Diborane GasGet Quotation

Diborane Gas

Diborane HexahydrideGet Quotation

Diborane Hexahydride

Deuterated Germane

Deuterated GermaneGet Quotation

Deuterated Germane

Deuterium GasGet Quotation

Deuterium Gas


Methylsilane GasGet Quotation

Methylsilane Gas

Methane GasGet Quotation

Methane Gas

Dura Cylinders

Digital Gas Meter and Canister

Dry Ice and Insulated Boxes

Dry IceGet Quotation

Dry Ice

Insulated BoxesGet Quotation

Insulated Boxes

Deuterated Trimethylboron

Dimethyl Silane

Di-Methyl SilaneGet Quotation

Di-Methyl Silane


Silane GasGet Quotation

Silane Gas

Laser Mixture

Laser MixturesGet Quotation

Laser Mixtures

New Items

Ethylene GasGet Quotation

Ethylene Gas

Pressure GaugeGet Quotation

Pressure Gauge